Workplace management:
New office staff learn to navigate the process

– by Julie U, senior –

Students now see two new faces when going to the office. Mrs. Mitchell joined the staff at school, and Mrs. Beach assists her in the school office. Along with these two new faces comes their new voices heard over the school intercom. 

Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Beach take on several roles in the office. They take lunch orders, print report cards, answer the school phone, keep parents informed, keep the day organized, and even take on the role of school nurse when someone is sick or doesn’t feel well.

“Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Beach are so sweet, and it is really nice to have them working in the office this year,” said Sarah H, senior. 

The role of office secretary is a very hard role to fulfill because of the heavy work load and constant interruptions, and thankfully, Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Beach took on the previous role of Mrs. Niggl with all of the responsibilities that needed to be done. 

“Interacting with the students and teachers has been so much fun!” said Mrs. Mitchell. “A school secretary’s job is better than the ‘average desk job’ because you get to know the wonderful faces and personalities behind the work.”

“The job is very difficult, and is a lot harder than I thought it would be,” said Mrs. Beach. “On the positive side, I have found a new appreciation for the teachers at this school, because they truly are some of the best teachers working in Christian education.”

Mrs. Castilla, elementary band director, has added some office hours to her schedule, and she can also be seen assisting in the office. 

Please welcome them to the FBTA family!