Will you be My Valentine?
Celebrating Valentine’s Day

– by Ava J, sophomore –

As Valentine’s Day approached, everyone was on the edge of their seat to hear the famous question of February: “Will you be my valentine?” 

While many in our school were disappointed to spend this year’s Valentine’s Day alone, this disappointment soon washed away when the Valentine’s Day parties started. From K3 all the way to 12th grade, the students were getting prepared, as the teachers also prepared themselves for the sugar-filled day.  

As the elementary parties started later in the afternoon, the junior and senior high were surprised to see neat, freshly-printed stacks of newspapers on the counter in the hallway. As the students began to read, they realized that their parents had sent in Valentine’s Day messages to be printed in a special edition of the newspaper. 

During the elementary parties, the newspapers were being passed out to each individual classroom. Many students frantically browsed the paper looking for their name.

Some elementary students had ice cream parties along with their valentines. 

 “I liked eating my sundae that Ms. Bowers gave us,” said Christopher R, 3rd grade.

“The ice cream that Mrs. Rodriguez gave us was so delicious, but eating it with my friends made this my favorite part of my party,” said Kinzlee J, 4th grade. Other students take joy in passing out their treats that they brought. 

“Giving my classmates candy was the best part of my day,” said Mika D, 1st grade. 

Some students are simply satisfied by making crafts.

“Drawing rainbows on my heart paper with Mrs. Bradford was really fun!” said Caleb T, K4.

At the end of the day, the teachers happily send the students home as some of them start their sugar crash. The parents pick up their hyper kids from school while the teachers breathe a sigh of relief that another successful Valentine’s Day has come to a close.