Who’s up for an adventure?
Teen group visits Sandy Springs Adventure Park

– by Peter V, sophomore –

Don’t look down! The FBT teen group went to Sandy Springs Adventure Park on Nov. 10. The website describes the park as “essentially an obstacle course in the trees and includes climbing, zip lines, and combinations of the challenge bridges and zip lines; it has 13 trails, which are color-coded, with purple—the easiest—being a 12- to 20-foot-high course, and double black diamond—the most difficult—being 65 feet in the air. It is the largest aerial climbing course in the U.S.”

This year at Sandy Springs it was freezing! It was so cold that some of the teens stayed in the gift shop just to be in the heat. The rope course at Sandy Springs looks very intimidating, but it is not—once you get up there, you have a plethora of safety systems. 

“Sandy Springs is usually my favorite activity!” said Sarah H, senior. “This year it was just so cold! A bunch of us were constantly going in and out of the gift shop to warm up. I almost fell into the bonfire, too—so thanks Mrs. Marlie for catching me!”

“It was really cold but still enjoyable. I had a great time,” said Ashley T, sophomore. 

Mr. Castilla, teen parent, posted several Facebook Live videos for posterity and to keep parents in the loop.

Likely, even bitter cold will not keep the teens away from this activity for next year.