We’ve got spirit!
FBTA Spirit Week 2020 was a win

– by Alexandra B, freshman –

Spirit Week 2020 provided FBTA students with the opportunity to dress up, dress down, and turn out the lights from Feb. 18-21, culminating in a pep rally before both the junior varsity and varsity boys basketball teams won their games against Temple Baptist School. 

The week began with Cozy Day, where students tread the halls in slippers and fuzzy robes, draped with blankets, and clutching stuffed animals. 

“I enjoy being able to wear sweatshirts, and cozy socks, and just being super comfortable all day,” said Twila S, sophomore.

Mrs. Darby lined the walls with black paper and set up black lights to highlight white, neon, and glow-in-the-dark accents on Black Out Day. Glow sticks were supplied, as well as glow-in-the-dark markers. 

“This was my favorite day,” said Josh B, senior, “because Black Out Day was fun in and out of class.”

Thursday, students in 1st-6th grade donned multifarious colors, while 7th-12th grade went back in time from the Roaring 20’s and Slicked-Back 50’s, to the Hippie 60’s, Groovy 70’s, Totally Tubular 80’s, and Gen X 90’s on Decade Day. On Friday’s Fanatic Fan Day, students’ favorite sports teams were reflected on campus with jerseys, t-shirts, painted faces, and dyed hair. 

Students had a fun week dressing up and showing their school spirit at the same time. 

“It was a ton of fun dressing up like it was 100 years ago,” said Amy F, sophomore. “Seeing the progression of fashion in the hallways was super cool too.” 

Not only was Spirit Week a fun time to dress up, but it was also a competition. Class representatives from each class were selected for Cozy Day and Fanatic Fan Day as epitomizing the best of each theme. 

Holden Z, junior, was chosen as the best representative for Cozy Day, while Ashley T, junior, won the Fanatic Fan Day competition with her zeal for the Washington Nationals. 

There was also a competition for the best class on Decade Day. The juniors won with their exciting skit and 80’s costumes. They also won the overall Spirit Week competition, with the seniors coming in second.

Overall, Spirit Week 2020 was a huge success, with widespread participation from enthusiastic students and teachers, and was a fun change from the tedium of ubiquitous school uniforms. FBTA students got spirit!