Virtual education
Students experience National Geographic’s virtual reality 3D Jerusalem and Titanic exhibits 

– by Amy F, freshman –

On Oct. 4, the 7th to 10th graders visited the National Geographic museum which included a Titanic exhibit and a virtual visit to Jerusalem to experience the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, learning about its history and its ties to the Tomb of Christ. 

Mr. Armstrong, junior and senior high history teacher, organized the field trip for his classes.

“Mr. Armstrong has a whole schedule planned out for the rest of the school year,” said Mr. Bradford, school administrator. 

The museum offered a variety of displays with different features. One impressive aspect of the museum was the special VR headsets with tours of the church that claims to be built over the tomb of Christ. Most students enjoyed the detailed tour.

“The VR headsets in the middle of the exhibit were pretty cool,” said Diego V, sophomore. “We got to walk around the temple in Jerusalem too.”

While touring through Jerusalem, every object and human intensified with color and realism.

“The museum was very fun, and I felt like I was in Jerusalem. I enjoyed it,” said Malat M, 7th grade.

The Titanic exhibit featured many artifacts and memorabilia from the sunken ocean liner, and shared the stories of some who were aboard the ship. 

After viewing the exhibits and the gift shop, the students went to Potbelly to enjoy an appetizing lunch. 

“The food was very yummy, and I had a great time with my friends!” said Reem M, 8th grade.

Overall, students generally appreciate a good field trip outside of class, and they are already looking forward to the next ones!