Unconditional love and support
Senior Night recognizes seniors and parents

– by Caleb P, junior –

During the FBTA basketball games against Evangel on Feb. 3, the school hosted a special, emotional moment for the seniors and their parents. 

With a close game for JV boys and a victory for the varsity girls, and just before the Varsity boys were about to play, the loud speakers announced to the fans that the school would be recognizing the FBTA seniors. During their recognition, each senior and their parents came to the center of the basketball court to honor not only the senior in what he or she will do with their lives in the future, but also what the parents have done to unconditionally support their child. 

“It was nice to be recognized for what I have done, but it was also nice to be recognized with my parents, because I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without them,” said Jordan P, senior.

In fact, senior night actually had as much recognition for the parents as for the senior. 

“It was just great getting to honor all the parents that have worked really hard and sacrificed a lot for us to be here,” said Liza Fam, senior.

Although she does not have a child as a senior, one other person was honored for her  support and love for the senior class. 

“Ms. Donahoo said that she wanted to help the seniors throughout the year,” said Daniel P, senior. “She gives us notes and stuff, so it’s really nice of her, sweet of her; and because of that, we gave her a senior shirt.”

As the end of the school year approaches, it is good for seniors to remember that they did not make it here by themselves, but with the love and support from their parents, people who want to help them, and people who go the extra mile to support them.