Turning the tassel:
Graduates give graduation guidance

– by Enoch P, senior –

The FBTA class of 2018 is graduating June 1 at 7 p.m. There will be a formal reception with food served by the juniors and personalized tables for each senior. The next few days will consist of graduation parties and a feeling of accomplishment. With graduation comes much long-awaited joy, extensive experience, and new beginnings.

“Graduation is a humbling experience. It’s super exciting yet scary and very sad leaving behind friends,” said Jessica K.

“It’s sad, but I’m glad to move on. To start something else will be interesting,” said Jon C.

“I’m very glad to be done with high school,” said Alex C.

“I’m thankful for the senior friendships with me,” said Reagan A.

After 12 years of schooling, the seniors also have much advice to give to the younger generations.

“Don’t rush high school, enjoy your friends, and not having a ton of responsibilities. I’d also say don’t procrastinate and to make a personal relationship with God, not just memorizing monthly scripture for a quiz,” said Jessica K.

“Be kind to everyone but don’t be a doormat. Be open minded. Get out of your comfort zone and experience different things. Make friends outside of church and school. Broaden your horizon. I would have gotten more involved and stuck with one high school,” said Alex C.

“Be examples to those behind you, and take counsel from those ahead of you,” said Reagan A.

“Don’t slack off and don’t focus in on one college,” said Emily D, who also gave advice on getting a job in high school. “I think focusing on your grades is the top priority, but if you’re going to handle [a job], it is good so you can build up money for college.”

“Do well, have fun, and study,” said Ben Y.

“Do your homework assignments and turn them in on time,” said Julie V.

“Work hard and talk to your teachers,” said Matthew C.

“Stay strong to the end, enjoy the moment because it comes and goes quickly,” said Amelia S.

“Have a balance between being serious about school and having fun. Yes, of course you should care about school because it will always help you. It’ll never do you wrong. But don’t be too stressed out or only focused on that, because you’ll miss out on a lot or you won’t enjoy learning,” said Jacqueline Z.

We wish all the seniors a loving and final farewell attached with many good memories, friendships, and lessons. For now, they are all waiting for the highly-anticipated words, “You may now turn your tassels!”