The bigger the better
Elective classes bigger in size, better in purpose

– by Caleb P, junior –

Electives. Bigger, better, and more of it. This is the year where FBTA electives in the senior high are being upgraded from bigger to biggest and from better to best. There are specifically two electives that received an upgrade: French and Anatomy.

In the past few years, Anatomy has been a half-credit course because students only meet three times a week for classes. This year, however, the students meet five days a week, which allows more material to be covered, and a full-credit course to put on your resume.  

“I liked how Anatomy is now a full credit,” said Andrea B, senior. “Since I have a longer time to finish my coloring pages, I don’t feel stressed out.”

“Anatomy will help me in my future field of study, and having a course that will count as a full credit will greatly help,” said Andrew C, junior. 

French was added to the list of classes a couple of years ago and has been a half-credit course meeting three times a week. This year, the students taking French now meet five days a week which makes this elective a full-credit language course.

“French has always been a cool and fascinating language to me,” said Jayden L, junior.

Now with a bigger schedule and full credit classes, students have even more reasons to take electives.