Stuffed with fun!
Thankful for Elementary Thanksgiving feast

– by Julie U, senior –

Toward the end of November, the lower elementary classes at Fairfax performed in the Thanksgiving program by singing different songs, quoting verses and different poems, and also eating great food after their performances. The Thanksgiving feast is one of the elementary students’ highlights of the school year. The students get the opportunity to dress up as different Thanksgiving-themed people or animals, and then they celebrate with a “feast” of food afterwards.

“I loved eating all of the delicious food with my friends after we sang,” said Isabella, 3rd grade. 

The students and their parents bring in different types of food including desserts, sandwiches, fruit, and chips to the feast. After the performances, students and parents go to the gym to get their choice of food and sit with their friends and family.

Several of the seniors have the opportunity to work at the Thanksgiving feast and help with serving drinks, setting up the gym, and cleaning it after it was completed. 

“Working at the Thanksgiving feast with the seniors was fun yet sad because it was the last time we would be here for the feast,” said Sarah, senior. 

The younger grades especially loved singing the different songs that they learned for the performances. 

“My favorite part was singing about the little pilgrim girl dressed in gray,” said Aubrey, K3. 

“I really enjoyed singing ‘T’was the night before Thanksgiving,’” said Judah, 2nd grade. 

The feast was amazing as usual thanks to the help of the teachers, Mrs. Darby, and the hard work the kids put into making this feast one to remember.