Students meet for chapel twice a week, and attend Bible classes three times a week. The study of the Bible and challenges from the Word of God are an important part of training our children to be leaders who will continue to serve the Lord throughout their lives.



FBTA Uniforms

Uniforms can be purchased at the following locations:

Tommy Hilfiger School Uniforms   877-825-2860
Search by school name and choose FAIR02 from drop-down list.
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Flynn O’Hara Uniforms, Inc.   703-503-5966
Choose Fairfax Elem or Fairfax Jr High from drop-down list.
Or visit: Fair City Mall, 9650 Main Street, Unit 20, Fairfax, VA 22031

Land’s End 1-800-469-2222
Preferred School #900159039
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Swap Shop (for returning families only)
At any time, you may bring in gently-used school uniform items in exchange for Swap-Shop tickets. The Swap Shop is open several times throughout the year to allow families to exchange uniforms for a larger size, different color, etc.

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