Spirit Week is here!

After scaling back extra school activities and field trips throughout the year, the students were ready to jump into something different, and spirit week provided just the right level of excitement and involvement that people needed. 

Everyone, from the smallest preschool student, to the oldest teacher (who shall remain nameless) got into the act, accessorizing outfits with anything from leopard print to garbage, and everything in between.

Each day of the week afforded a new opportunity to showcase FBTA school spirit: 

Monday – sports jersey day

Tuesday – garbage bag/duct tape

Wednesday – black out day

Thursday – class theme day

Friday – patriot spirit day

Rounding out the week with a pep rally complete with the jr/sr high numbers game was a great way to wrap up the events. 

The journalism staff took so many photos that we covered the final page of the newspaper with them. Enjoy!