Social media in quarantine
Connecting with the outside world

– by Ava J, senior –

During this time of social distancing, many students have more free time than normal. This free time can be consumed by phones and social media, such as: Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok. 

During quarantine, these apps have given students a source of outside communication while they are stuck inside. Students can see what everyone else is doing while social distancing and can be entertained by their posts, as well. Some apps help people to stay informed about the condition of the nation. 

Social media can serve as an escape from focusing on the frustrations and problems at hand. Twitter and TikTok have funny content to share with friends and help to forget the quarantine for a while. Social media is a place to express feeling and thoughts, as well as some comedic abilities. Screen time goes up as more time is spent on social media. 

“This is low-key embarrassing, but I spent a total of 33 hours on social media last week,” said Haston H, senior. “I spent 11 hours on TikTok, 6 hours on Snapchat and 5 hours and 30 minutes on Instagram. I definitely feel it has been away to stay connected to friends and escape the craziness of life going on around us.” 

“Yikes! I have an average of about 8 hours of screen time on my phone, including all other apps that don’t relate to social media,” said Amy F, sophomore. “I use YouTube, Disney+, and messages the most. I’ve definitely been using social media to take breaks from daily schooling. I tried (but failed) doing the plank challenge with my brother, but it was so hard.”

Instagram and Snapchat have been used to keep in touch with what friends have been doing during their free time.

“TikTok is definitely my most used social media app,” said Jordan P, senior. “Social media is kind of an escape, bit it can be kind of worrying at times.”

TikTok is a growing social media app, that gives a source of laughter and fun activities to try. There are fun food videos to make and challenging moves to try. Some popular trends have been making whipped coffee, the plank challenge, and cutting hair at home. 

“I’ve been on TikTok a lot, and I’ve definitely made the whipped coffee all over TikTok,” said Kiersten G, junior.

Social media has given everyone in quarantine an opportunity to escape from the worry of the growing virus. It has also given us a way to connect with our friends and extended family. Social media consumes our time with cool activities and challenges to occupy our copious amount of free time.