So much preparation! So little time!
Senioritis strikes the graduates and creates a slow-moving pace for their special event

– by Caleb P, junior –

The FBTA graduates of 2019 will receive their diplomas on May 31. Although this might sound like it is coming quickly, the graduates must prepare diligently and early for the day of graduation.

For the students, the word “early” might be the day before the ceremony. A lot of exams, preparation for college, and more creates a slow pace for the graduates.

“It’s been pretty slow … I still haven’t finished filling out my information on where I was going and what I am majoring in,” said Connor, senior.

“Honestly, I’m just winging this,” said Cindy, senior, with a laugh.

In some cases, some of the other seniors have their special day planned out to the point where they even have plans for those “scrutinizing details.”

“I have already prepared the tablecloths on my graduation table. Everything that I need on my table is ready,” said Hart, senior, energetically. “We just need to practice, and everything is just ready, and I can’t wait for this moment!”  

Although senioritis might have infected some seniors, there is always an early time to prepare for the graduation. The “early time” is now.

Graduation is Friday night, May 31, at 7:00 p.m. Please plan to come and congratulate the seniors on their achievement!