Skull, clavicle, patella
Anatomy class assembles human skeleton “puzzle”

– by Hart Z, senior –

Throughout the past week, the anatomy class has put together a skeleton to practice learning the bones in the body.

“It’s very important to know how the bones work in the body,” said Mr. Niggl, anatomy teacher. “Instead of just studying a diagram, the hands-on aspect of the skeletal system helps students understand better.”

Every student had a partner and was given a practice setup before the test day, and each pair of students was given the entire class period to work putting together “George” the skeleton. Students were graded on having the bones facing the right way and having the bones in the proper order. 

“My favorite part was putting together the foot even though it was difficult to find which tarsals and metatarsals were in the right place,” said Justin G, junior.

All 206 bones of the body were not necessary for the test, but the rib cage, hand, foot, and vertebral column were some of the harder parts to get right.

“It’s difficult but not impossible,” said Monica C, junior. “The hand bones were really interesting, and it is cool to see what I can’t see through my skin.”

Anatomy, although it is a more difficult class, is really fun and helps students understand the human body and spark their interest in the medical field or other such areas.