Fairfax choral group showcased at national competition in front of 3,000 people

– by Caleb D, senior –

The resolution and climax of the competition season here at Fairfax is the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS) National Fine Arts Competition in Greenville, SC, for Christian high school students across the nation. 

Each year during the closing awards ceremony, the AACS officials choose a handful of performers to showcase their performance in front of the whole auditorium of people participating in the competition.

This year, our very own choral group of 24 students was selected for this honor and was able to sing in front of the entire congregation of the AACS competition during the awards ceremony. On top of that, the choral group placed 1st in its category and offered three points toward the Virginia total score in the competition. The state of Virginia went on to place 1st for the 17th time in a row in the annual competition.

“I was extremely happy,” said Bro. Baldwin, choir director. “After a disappointing loss at nationals last year, it was just satisfying to see all the hard work moving into this year and to see it all paying off. It was as if [the choir] told me that they wanted to work harder, and I knew going into competition they had. And I felt like, that if we were going to win, this was the year.”

Many students in the choir had never been showcased before at the event and were eager for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“I was so surprised!” said Hart Z, senior. “I wasn’t as nervous singing as I thought I would be. I just kinda stood there and sang like usual.”

Fairfax hasn’t been showcased at the national competition for about seven years (or since 2012) making this opportunity even more special. Students will no doubt treasure this moment for years to come.

Regardless of the showcase and the 1st place finish, the competition was very close this year. Virginia only won by a slim margarine of around eleven points, which is different than previous years. Next year, students across Virginia may have to step up their game in order to keep their 17 year-long streak from being lost (or conquered by other close states, such as South Carolina or Illinois).  

“Next year, we’re losing a lot of seniors and a lot of voices with experience and range, but we have a lot of younger voices that are coming in with energy and enthusiasm, so the music is going to be just as challenging but more catered to younger voices,” said Bro. Baldwin looking toward next year. 

The music department lately at FBTA is as strong as it has ever been. The dedication and devotion of the musicians, directors, and teachers keep the music top-notch, not only in competition, but also in concerts and other events that allow students to improve their musical talents. 

Thanks to all who give their time into teaching the students about music and for efficiently honing their skills in that regard. It’s your dedication that brings out the best both musically and spiritually.