Seniors in New York City
The senior class took the first half of their senior trip to New York City

– by Julie U, senior –

Every year the senior class at FBTA has the option of going to New York for their senior trip. 

This year’s class decided to watch the Broadway show Aladdin, take a visit to the New One World Trade Center and the Freedom Tower, ride the Staten Island Ferry, walk around Times Square, and even take a six-mile bike ride around Central Park. 

“I absolutely loved going to New York this year for our senior trip!” said Melanie. “I was really excited for the opportunity to watch Aladdin again, and it was even more fun watching it with my class,” 

Half of the class also chose to ride bikes around Central Park. It ended up being over six-miles, and for some even longer because they got lost! 

“It was definitely a scary thought to bike for that long, but I couldn’t be happier that I did it,” said Stefanie. “It was such a great bonding time, and I even felt very accomplished afterwards.” 

The seniors had the amazing experience of staying overnight in a church in Brooklyn as well. 

“The church was definitely my favorite part!” said Sarah. “I loved all the times we sang and played the piano in the auditorium. I’m so glad I had such a great group of people to enjoy this trip with.”

Overall, the trip was a great experience for the senior class. The closer bonds and the great memories were just a few of the many reasons that made this trip so memorable.