School is out for summer!
The days leading up to summer break

– by Ava, senior –

May 21 was the last day of online classes for FBTA. Building up to summer break, the last week of school was filled with final projects, exams, and assignments. Students finally completed their first-ever distance learning experience!

Most teachers gave out tests that were based on the student’s abilities to comprehend the material taught. For some students the last week was stressful, and for others it was a breeze. Even though there was a large load on some of the students, the payoff after completing everything was the best feeling. 

“It was really exciting to do the last couple of assignments, complete the final exams, and finish the school year,” said Ashley, junior.

“There were a lot of loose ends to tie up, but it was a huge relief to get everything done,” said Ethan, junior.

The last week for the seniors was an almost stress-free week. As a last minute decision, they were exempted from most of their  final exams.

On the last day of school, the seniors had their final senior activity before graduation. They came to the school in two groups to take their cap and gown pictures. The seniors are now looking forward to their graduation and summer break before starting college. 

“The seniors got exams canceled!” said Haston, senior. “That was a huge blessing, and we had a senior cap and gown quarantine photoshoot. It was nice to see some of my friends again, since it had been so long and kinda an abrupt end to the year. I am just happy to finally be graduating and living every day to the fullest.” 

The physics class also met at the school for their last and final class to demonstrate their catapults. While at home, they made catapults out of popsicle sticks, hot glue, and rubber bands. Mrs. Page gave them supplies, and the students got creative with their artistic abilities. The class held a competition to see which catapult went the farthest distance. 

The last few days of classes were stressful for some students, but the wait for summer break is finally done. Students can now enjoy their summer break and also look forward to graduation, the awards ceremony, and the yearbook dedication ceremony. 

The Patriot Press hopes that every student and family has a safe and fun summer!