Race through the year
Yearbook staff’s productive 3-hour marathon

– by Liza F, senior –

An FBTA yearbook marathon is not your typical 5K marathon. 

Every year the yearbook staff works for many hours to provide you with the very best yearbook. For the Wednesday marathon, students work from 3:30 after school until 6:30 p.m. Not only do students get a lot of their yearbook pages finished, but they also get to brainstorm, network, and enjoy time together sorting pictures and writing the stories. 

“I am really excited about the yearbook marathon,” said Haston H, yearbook editor. “I love the yearbook staff this year, and I know we will get a lot done.”  

Mrs. Dyck also provides the staff with Subway sandwiches and cookies which is always timely and much-needed.  

“Yearbook marathon is a really good and productive time to get a grind on my pages that I have to do, asking for help, and having a good time with the other people working on their pages,” said Caleb P, junior. “It’s so satisfying finally finishing typing up the paragraphs on your pages after so many hours of work in the computer lab.” 

Because the yearbook deadline always coincides with ODACS competition, sometimes being the exact same day, Mrs. Dyck said that the computer lab will probably be open each Wednesday until the due date. That way, students can go to and from practices and get work done on the yearbook in between. 

“We have a strong staff this year,” said Mrs. Dyck, yearbook advisor. “We are trying out some new templates and ideas that I really like. One way or another, it will be finished on time.”     

Overall the yearbook marathon is a productive, yet enjoyable time. The yearbook team puts in a lot of work and dedication to preserve our special school memories.