Put your running shoes on
Patriot pace is October 15!

– by Ava J, junior –

On Oct. 15, FBTA is holding a school-wide fundraiser called the Patriot Pace, which is a walking, jogging, and running event. Students from K4-12th grades collect sponsors, and run around the soccer field to raise money for the school. A sponsor can contribute money for every lap a student runs or give a flat donation. Since we don’t want our sponsors to go bankrupt, FBTA caps the laps at 20. 

Every student receives a specially designed t-shirt that has a new design and color every single year. On the day of Patriot Pace, students wear their t-shirt and pose for a picture with the entire school. Later in the year this design is put on different styles of t-shirt, jackets, and sweatshirts. Parents can buy spirit wear for their student to wear on special days, at P.E., and every Friday. 

In previous years, the money that was donated went toward a specific goal for the school, such as iPad carts, iPads for juniors and seniors, the water bottle dispensers, new playground equipment, and other helpful items. This year our school is focusing on remodeling our playground. 

“We are planning to have separate playground areas for the different grades. The lower grades K4-2nd will have their own playground area, while the 3rd-6th have a space to themselves,” said Mr. Briggs, athletic director. 

“During the summer, we have been working on the layout. We’re planning to have enough money to buy this awesome new playground,” said Mrs. Darby, event coordinator.

Since the Patriot Pace is the only fundraiser of the school year, students are encouraged to collect as many sponsors as possible. Not only will students get the new supplies and tools, but classes with 100% participation will receive a class party. In previous years, iPads, amazon gift cards, Sweet Frog gift cards, and more cool prizes are given out to students with the greatest amount of sponsors. 

As the Patriot Pace approaches, Mr. Bradford will go over more details about this exciting day. The shirts are being printed and will ship soon. Start thinking about possible sponsors so you might be able to win some prizes!