Practicing the play … and a snow day!
The student body performs “God Meant It For Good”

– by Kiersten G, junior –

On Jan. 11 and 12, the student body performed the Academy of Arts play “God Meant It For Good.” Many people helped with the production, from young children and parents, to teachers and Pastor Abbey. 

Preparation began in early October. Students auditioned for roles, and were then responsible to work on individually memorizing their lines and preparing for their part in the play. 

Rehearsals began in earnest on Monday, Jan. 6, and continued every day of that week. Each rehearsal began with the director, Pastor Abbey, updating the cast on what that day had in store. Mrs. Tripp also helped with directing and critiquing individuals to help every student be the best they could be. 

It took many hands working behind the scenes to put on this production. Mrs. Lampert was in charge of the makeup, working  with several high school girls and alumni to make sure every cast member looked their part. Mrs. Spatz and Mrs. Duerksen organized costumes along with the help of several students. Mrs. Darby oversaw all the lights and sound features of the production, with the help of Mr. Mehlhose and Jianna Coppola, freshman. The set and props were put together with the help of several students and alumni.

The “Daughters of Ra” performed choreographed routines as well as a poem that explained several parts of the life of Joseph. Mrs. Abbey directed these girls with the help of alumni Mackenzie Hamilton. The girls rehearsed for multiple hours every day during the week before the play. 

Rehearsals went smoothly on Monday, but on Tuesday the day was interrupted with an early dismissal at 1:00 p.m. because of a possibility of snow that afternoon. This early dismissal caused a panic because of the amount of rehearsal time missed. It snowed about 2 inches that evening which resulted in a snow day on Wednesday. 

Even though students were not able to rehearse on Wednesday, Pastor Abbey and Mrs. Darby still came into school, along with some of the set construction crew, and worked so that rehearsal could continue smoothly on Thursday. Most of the classes were canceled on Thursday and Friday, in order to prepare for the play. 

Friday was the last day of rehearsal. All cast members were in full makeup and costume for most of the day, running through the play for the first time without stopping, and many students quickly discovered what they could correct or do better.  

Cast members arrived by 2:30 p.m. on Saturday with a sense of urgency and excitement and were immediately put into makeup and costume. The performance began at 6:00 p.m. and went fairly smoothly, allowing everyone to get over their nervousness. 

Sunday’s performance began at 5:30 p.m., and the level of anxiety had gone down among everyone involved. The cast gave it their all and put on a great performance. Mr. Bradford gave a brief devotional before the curtain call and cast photo. 

The students enjoyed the opportunity to explore acting as well as stage makeup, costumes, and several other behind-the-scenes assignments. It brought the student body together and allowed a spirit of teamwork and overall fun and excitement to form. 

“God Meant It For Good” stretched the school as a whole in many ways, getting an education via a different avenue, but allowing for so many amazing lessons to be learned!