Practice makes perfect!
Students and teachers are working hard for this year’s ODACS

– by Kiersten G, sophomore –

Students and teachers have been hard at work preparing for the ODACS competition in March. ODACS (Old Dominion Association of Church Schools) is the fine arts competition comprised of all categories, such as art, speech, orchestra, and various choral groups. This year, our school made an effort to start preparation for the competition early in the year to give students more time to improve their submissions. 

“Starting earlier helps us focus on areas that need more help, but overall it’s been beneficial,” said Mr. Briggs, ODACS coach. 

The Level III speech participants began auditions in May of this year. Mrs. Bullock is in charge of Level III speech and has been working with students to perfect their speeches. All roles in group speeches have been filled, and rehearsals will be taking place over the next few weeks. 

“I think we’re in a good place, and I think it’s great that we started earlier this year,” commented Mrs. Bullock. 

Many art students have already begun to work on their entries. Several of them came to school over the summer to work with Mrs. Darby and Mrs. Lewis. 

Musical soloists have been chosen and many of them have begun rehearsing their pieces. Mrs. Castilla and Mr. Van Den Berg, as well as many other music teachers, have been working hard with students to get them ready for the competition. 

“I love the idea of the extra practice time being built into the schedule. Starting earlier has been great, and I hope we can start even earlier next year,” said Mrs. Castilla. 

The chambers choir with Mr. Baldwin has also been preparing for ODACS since the beginning of this year. The choir has been diligently learning their music and rehearsing two to three times a week. 

Keep working hard to make this year’s ODACS the best it’s ever been!