Pizza, pizza!
High school classes earn free lunch

– by Amy F, sophomore –

On Feb. 7, the freshmen through senior class earned a free lunch of Papa John’s pizza, chips, soda, and a choice of salad. After a close call on the class winners of the annual Christmas party, the five judges collectively decided to reward all high school students for their hard work, dedication, and excellent overall participation. 

“This year has been the hardest year to judge and the closest year in scoring,” said Mr. Bradford, administrator, while announcing the winners at the Christmas party. 

“I wish we had won, but I suppose the pizza is sufficient!” said Shakti C, sophomore. 

Although the junior high was not able to join the pizza party, the 7th and 8th graders seemed enthusiastic for the upcoming high school years full of possibilities. 

“I’m excited to be in high school next year and hopefully do better with my class in the Christmas party,” said Carol F, 8th grade.