Patriots have pep
Spirit Week Pep Rally

– by Ella S, freshman –

FBTA’s annual spirit week pep rally took place in the gym on Friday afternoon, Feb. 21. The pep rally hosted grades 1st through 12th, all bearing unbelievable spirit. 

Students searched the school earlier in the week for hidden numbers and were given “prizes” (or “non-prizes”)—some for how well they played the mini games. The games consisted of making basketball shots, scooter races, and a baby food eating contest. The non-prizes were cleaning the lunchroom the next week or the gym after the pep rally.

“The wipe outs were awesome!” said Julia W, senior, about the scooter races. “It was Josh who did most of the work because all I did was flop on the gym floor.”

The juniors won first place in the spirit week competition and earned a pizza party for their class, while the seniors came in a close second, with the 8th graders taking third.

The cheerleaders gave the audience an outstanding performance as they cheered some of their new cheers and threw candy out into the crowd. David H, freshman, serenaded Liza F, senior, with his performance of “You Are My Sunshine.” Diego V, junior, lost his basketball challenge to Xavier G, 7th grade, and earned a pie in his face.

 “I knew I wasn’t going to score the three pointer so I just kind of accepted it,”  said Diego V, junior.

“The candy and pie in the face have always been my favorite parts of the pep rally,” said Amy F, sophomore. “Plus, I love getting out of class!”