Patriot Press goes digital:
New website hosts Patriot Press blog

The Patriot Press staff has made several upgrades this year, including online posting to our new website blog.

Thanks to Mrs. Holley Van Den Berg, parent and FBT staff member, the new FBT academy website is up and running. She included a blog page for posting pictures and articles as they happen, so if we can get our act together, the editors could potentially publish articles sooner than once a month. The jury is still out on whether that will actually happen. 

The Patriot Press has also posted the old newspaper archives which range from 2007 through the present day. To go directly to our online page, visit 

Lastly, after a long, grueling budgeting overhaul, the Patriot Press is now being printed in color. The staff and students are delighted with the decision, and thanks goes  to Mr. Bradford for the encouragement and extra funding.