Thoughts about ODACS cancellation

– by Andrew C, junior –

Just days before the school was closed for the rest of the year, Mr. Bradford called the junior and senior high students into the chapel room to announce the cancellation of 2020 ODACS, causing mixed feelings for everyone in the room. 

Although the elementary grades were able to compete in ODACS, this was the very first time that schools had decided to cancel all junior and senior high stages of ODACS which included regional and state competitions, as well as the AACS national competition at BJU. Relief, happiness, sadness, and unbelief flooded the room, with some students feeling a burden lifted from their shoulders, and others feeling disappointment that all the work, time, and effort put in would not be able to be seen or used. 

“While I was not able to do the work I had prepared so long to do, I was also quickly relieved of a lot of pressure,” said Ethan C, junior. 

“I was sad about it because a lot of us had worked really hard, but God has a bigger plan for it all,” said Kylen W, sophomore. 

This is the final ODACS for the senior class, and having it cancelled added to the disappointment of some students.

“I think it has advantages and disadvantages. Honestly, I’m more saddened that my last ODACS was cancelled,” said Jameson R, senior. 

“I miss the moments we would have had together in getting ready, the excitement and sadness on the day of competition, and yet here I am thanking the Lord for all the many blessing we have been given,” said Mrs. Darby, project coordinator. 

“None of your work has been done in vain,” she continued. “Your gifts will continue to grow no matter the outcome. Yes, the adventure in front of us is different then what we expected, but with the right attitude, it will make you better in your area of expertise. Always remember, God makes no mistakes!”

“On another note, you can see the results for the Level II and Level III testing and creative writing competition on the ODACS website. Our overall scores have given us first place in these categories. The Lord truly is good!”

With ODACS cancelled, students do feel less pressure and are more relaxed. Hopefully, students who have prepared their projects, music, tests, or art from this year will be able to use what they learned next year and bring Fairfax the win!