Home sweet homeschool
How does online learning compare to homeschooling?

– by Alexandra, freshman – Online Distance Learning began March 23, due to a statewide shutdown of all public and private schools by Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam. What looked like a short-term period of “homeschooling” has now turned into an entire quarter, taking students and teachers to the end of the academic year.  For some students, who have previously been … Read More

Thoughts about ODACS cancellation

– by Andrew C, junior – Just days before the school was closed for the rest of the year, Mr. Bradford called the junior and senior high students into the chapel room to announce the cancellation of 2020 ODACS, causing mixed feelings for everyone in the room.  Although the elementary grades were able to compete in ODACS, this was the … Read More

New York news
Senior trip cancelled

– by Alyssa R, senior – The seniors had planned their senior trip to NYC for March 30 to April 1, but after schools were shut down, the annual trip was cancelled. They had many sight-seeing activities planned, such as watching “Wicked” on Broadway, shopping in Times Square, and going to see the Freedom Tower. “I am really sad about … Read More

Families stay busy during quarantine
New ways to spend time with family

– by Jordan P, senior – Due to COVID-19, students will be at home for a while and need to find new ways to spend their time. Spending all of their time with family may get boring or even frustrating at times; however, activities such as going on a walk can bring families closer together.  “My family and I have … Read More

Communication challenges
Ups and downs of dealing with Sycamore

– by Elizabeth T, freshman – Online school has been in play for quite a few weeks due to the coronavirus initiating social distancing; however, the rate at which this transition occurred led to extreme measures in order for students to get back to schooling. FBTA is using the Sycamore online grading and communication system to organize online teaching and … Read More

A coronacation?
Tips on understanding the virus and staying safe

– by Amy, senior – Quarantining has caught students and workers by surprise. On March 23, Virginia State Governor Ralph Northman announced all schools in the state would be shut down for the rest of the school year, provoking chaos among adults and some celebrations among the students; however, the celebrations were short-lived as many realized the serious spreading of … Read More

Race through the year
Yearbook staff’s productive 3-hour marathon

– by Liza F, senior – An FBTA yearbook marathon is not your typical 5K marathon.  Every year the yearbook staff works for many hours to provide you with the very best yearbook. For the Wednesday marathon, students work from 3:30 after school until 6:30 p.m. Not only do students get a lot of their yearbook pages finished, but they … Read More

Busy, busy, busy!
Students prepare for the busy ODACS season

– by Haston H, senior – After Christmas break, FBTA students from 4th to 12th grade are hurled into one of the busiest times of the year. From speech classes to debate run-offs, there is always a bizz-buzz about the school. Students eagerly prepare for the chance to represent their school during ODACS competition using their God-given talent.  “While this … Read More

Patriots have pep
Spirit Week Pep Rally

– by Ella S, freshman – FBTA’s annual spirit week pep rally took place in the gym on Friday afternoon, Feb. 21. The pep rally hosted grades 1st through 12th, all bearing unbelievable spirit.  Students searched the school earlier in the week for hidden numbers and were given “prizes” (or “non-prizes”)—some for how well they played the mini games. The … Read More

We’ve got spirit!
FBTA Spirit Week 2020 was a win

– by Alexandra B, freshman – Spirit Week 2020 provided FBTA students with the opportunity to dress up, dress down, and turn out the lights from Feb. 18-21, culminating in a pep rally before both the junior varsity and varsity boys basketball teams won their games against Temple Baptist School.  The week began with Cozy Day, where students tread the … Read More