Ring the bells!
Student outlook on the new handbell choir

– by Emma V, senior – This school year has hit it off musically in just a few short weeks! Handbell choir rehearsals have started, and the choral group from last year sang in D.C. for the 2018 National Private School Leadership Conference.  Mr. Probus, alumni and academy parent, has volunteered to direct this year’s handbell choir. Because of the … Read More

All about apples:
K4 classes experiment with making applesauce

Mrs. Bradford teaches her K4 students how to smell cinnamon … not too closely! Mrs. Acosta helps her K4 students measure and pour sugar into the crock pot filled with apples. Later, they enjoy the “fruits” of their labor by sampling the delicious applesauce for their afternoon snack.

Adventures in D.C.
Choral group at the Department of Education

– by Jayden L, sophomore – All aboard the music train,” said Mr. Van Den Berg, bus driver, to the straggling choral members loading the bus for the D.C. trip. Near the end of Sept., the FBTA choral group had the honorable opportunity to sing at the Department of Education’s 40th Anniversary of the Office of Non-Public Education. There were … Read More

Florence overstays welcome
Wreaking devastation to disappointment along east coast

– by Kiersten G, sophomore – After days of anticipation, hurricane Florence made landfall in Wilmington, NC, on Friday, Sept. 14. The hurricane was predicted to be category 5 with devastating rain and wind.  Many towns were forced to evacuate, and some students of FBTA even had siblings come home from college because of the hurricane. Some local high schools … Read More

Code academy:
New computer coding class for students

– by Caleb D, senior – The return to school after a long summer vacation is different every year. There are new, exciting classes to take and wonderful, new things to learn, but none are quite as novel as the brand new coding class this year.  In past years, FBTA offered computer applications and robotics via LEGO mindstorms; but the … Read More

A picture perfect event:
The seniors take their final pictures

– by Nathan H, senior – “All seniors, please report to the auditorium for pictures!”  The seniors excitedly left their respective classes for the last class pictures of their high school career.  The girls went off to prepare, curling their hair and doing last minute touch-ups on makeup. The boys put on one of the fake half-tuxedo shirts and got in … Read More

Patriot Press goes digital:
New website hosts Patriot Press blog

The Patriot Press staff has made several upgrades this year, including online posting to our new website blog. Thanks to Mrs. Holley Van Den Berg, parent and FBT staff member, the new FBT academy website is up and running. She included a blog page for posting pictures and articles as they happen, so if we can get our act together, the … Read More

New year, new teachers:
FBTA welcomes new faces to our faculty

– by Hart Z, senior – A few new faces have joined the faculty at FBTA this year. Alumnus Corynne Damm is our new K3 teacher. Miss Damm graduated as Valedictorian from FBTA in 2014. She then attended Pensacola Christian College and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in a Elementary Education. “I am very excited to be back at FBTA,” … Read More