Perfect pumpkin picking
Preschoolers visit Ticonderoga Farms

– by Ava J, sophomore – Last month, the preschoolers went to their annual pumpkin picking. This year they went to The Amazing Farm Fun at Ticonderoga. Excitement filled the air while the parents and students boarded the bus and traveled to their destination. When the children saw the farm, a scream of thrill ran through the whole bus. After … Read More

Answering God’s call
Testimonies from Mr. Niggl, Pastor Baldwin

– by Shakti C, freshman – Students at FBTA generally love and adore the teachers; however, there is much that we don’t know about them. Mr. Niggl, science teacher, and Pastor Baldwin, choir director, recently shared a very important part of their lives with The Patriot Press: their testimonies. Mr. Niggl came to know the Lord at the young age … Read More

Mud, fun, and run!
Students from K3-12th gear up for the Patriot Pace

– by Alyssa R, junior – On Oct. 16, FBTA held the annual Patriot Pace! It ended up being a sunny day, but a muddy field with all the rain from the night prior. Every year the students collect pledges for new equipment, music instruments, useful tools, etc. for the school. The entire student body goes up to the soccer … Read More

Leaving it all on the field
Boys soccer wins first, girls second at Valley

– by Peter V, sophomore – The FBTA soccer and volleyball teams participated in the Valley Baptist Christian School Tournament on Oct. 5 and 6. Four soccer teams participated: Gill Grove, Valley, Bethel, and Fairfax. Six volleyball teams participated: Gill Grove, Centerville, Valley, Keystone, Bethel, and Fairfax.  The volleyball team played for seven straight hours on Saturday, fighting back from … Read More

Ring the bells!
Student outlook on the new handbell choir

– by Emma V, senior – This school year has hit it off musically in just a few short weeks! Handbell choir rehearsals have started, and the choral group from last year sang in D.C. for the 2018 National Private School Leadership Conference.  Mr. Probus, alumni and academy parent, has volunteered to direct this year’s handbell choir. Because of the … Read More

All about apples:
K4 classes experiment with making applesauce

Mrs. Bradford teaches her K4 students how to smell cinnamon … not too closely! Mrs. Acosta helps her K4 students measure and pour sugar into the crock pot filled with apples. Later, they enjoy the “fruits” of their labor by sampling the delicious applesauce for their afternoon snack.

Adventures in D.C.
Choral group at the Department of Education

– by Jayden L, sophomore – All aboard the music train,” said Mr. Van Den Berg, bus driver, to the straggling choral members loading the bus for the D.C. trip. Near the end of Sept., the FBTA choral group had the honorable opportunity to sing at the Department of Education’s 40th Anniversary of the Office of Non-Public Education. There were … Read More

Florence overstays welcome
Wreaking devastation to disappointment along east coast

– by Kiersten G, sophomore – After days of anticipation, hurricane Florence made landfall in Wilmington, NC, on Friday, Sept. 14. The hurricane was predicted to be category 5 with devastating rain and wind.  Many towns were forced to evacuate, and some students of FBTA even had siblings come home from college because of the hurricane. Some local high schools … Read More