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Senior trip cancelled

– by Alyssa R, senior –

The seniors had planned their senior trip to NYC for March 30 to April 1, but after schools were shut down, the annual trip was cancelled. They had many sight-seeing activities planned, such as watching “Wicked” on Broadway, shopping in Times Square, and going to see the Freedom Tower.

“I am really sad about not being able to go on our senior trip,” said Andrea B, “but it is always better to take precautions just to be safe.”

“I was shocked when our senior trip was cancelled,” said Haston H. “I didn’t really think that would ever happen. I am just having to accept the fact that it was not meant to be, but now I am looking forward to summer!”

The seniors have talked about possibly doing a fun activity all together when the coronavirus situation calms down, even the possibly of rescheduling the whole trip; but it doesn’t look possible yet. The seniors are wondering if they will have to do a virtual trip!

“I think for sure we could do something like a cookout, or just a class party in general,” said Haston Hamilton.

“I’m upset about it, especially since this year has just been really crazy, but I hope we can still do something fun as a class,” said Julia W.

“Senior parents have been discussing moving graduation parties to the middle of August, and planning ‘Send Off to College’ parties instead,” said Mrs. Dyck, newspaper advisor. “I think that’s a great way to still capture the celebration at the end of their high school career.”

After a brief discussion with the senior class, Mr. Bradford decided to give them the senior trip week off of school as originally planned. He is also still hopeful that the academy can hold a graduation ceremony sometime this summer so that seniors can receive their diplomas and take pictures in their cap and gowns. 

The seniors seem to be going through it all with school being cancelled for the rest of the academic year, but they for sure are making the most out of what they are being given!