New and improved speech
The junior high speech class makes public speaking an enjoyable experience

– by Ava J, sophomore –

Almost every student that has attended FBTA during their junior high years has taken speech class. Mrs. Darby teaches students how to correctly present a speech, without looking awkward or inexperienced, to help enhance their public speaking skills. 

The point of speech class is for the student to be able to overcome their fears of public speaking and perform a speech that makes one look informed and intelligent, making good use of delivery skills. 

The speech class is more than it has ever been before with all 7th graders and some 8th graders taking this class, having debates, and learning how to introduce themselves. Students are being taught speech skills that will be beneficial when they are older.

“This class is beneficial for students to teach them how to speak and what to do when speaking,”  said Mr. Bradford, administrator. “We want to help them in all areas in academics and socially, so that they are well-rounded individuals.”

“I like the educational videos we watch that visually show us what to do when we speak,” said Jonathan D, 8th grade. 

“I like the class because we get to learn speech terms and how to actually speak in public,” said Gabrielle P, 8th grade. “The thing I like most is that we are able to learn how to speak in public with other people.”

“Eighth grade is working hard on their group Christmas speech to make your Christmas chapel memorable,” said Mrs. Darby, speech teacher. “Seventh grade is working on their individual speeches and expressing their own character.”

I can say personally from my experience that this class was not just fun, but helpful for English projects and even for science fair. Speech class is a way to educate students how to properly conduct themselves speaking in a public place, learning many principles that are beneficial for their upcoming years.