Musicals and missionaries
4th-6th graders put on a missions play

– by Kiersten G, sophomore –

The elementary students put on a spring play which was themed around mission’s week on Friday, May 3. Ms. Koechig, Ms. Bowers, and Mrs. Probus all worked diligently to help the children prepare to put on the best show they could. 

“The play was a lot of fun! I was really nervous and I was worried something might go wrong, but it turned out great!” commented Corbin, 6th grade.

The play was called “Tied Down,” and it told the story of Emma, played by Zoe, being called to the mission field, but she struggles with whether it was worth leaving her life at home. It ends with the real-life missionary family, the Kellys, accompanying Emma on the mission field in Indonesia. 

The children began rehearsing in January and worked hard up until the day of the play. May 3 was a very busy day for them. They rehearsed up until 3 o’clock and then went through hair and makeup teams made up of volunteering moms and high-schoolers. 

“Getting ready was one of my favorite parts. I had to rush around to get my hair and makeup done in time but it was so much fun!” said Jenna, 6th grade. 

The play went smoothly, and it was a great opportunity for the elementary schoolers to demonstrate their talents. “Tied Down” was a touching and convicting story showing how important it is to share the Gospel with our lost world. 

“We hoped everyone enjoyed it because we put a lot of work into it and we hoped that people accepted Christ as their Savior,” said Hanna, 4th grader.