Most stressful week turned winter wonderland
Midterm week inter- rupted by a snow day

– by Kiersten, sophomore –

 In early January, the students of FBTA endured one of the most dreaded weeks of the year: midterm week! During this week, students study hard day and night to do their best on these strenuous exams. 

“I think midterms are important because they help us remember information that we learned earlier in the year,” said Ashley T, sophomore. 

The test lengths can range anywhere from twenty-five to two hundred questions. Most students studied for hours, regardless of the test length.

“History was my hardest subject, even though it was my shortest exam,” commented Soriya S, sophomore. 

This year, however, the midterm schedule was interrupted by almost a foot of snow! This not only gave many students a day of memories made on a day off from school, but it also gave extra studying and preparation time for the exams ahead. 

“It was really nice to have that extra day to study. I think we should make having a snow day during midterm week a tradition!” joked Amy F, freshman.