More free time inside

– by Ella S, sophomore –

Now that the state of Virginia has been commanded to stay home, everybody must find a way to entertain themselves inside with limited outside exposure. 

Although it’s difficult to find new things to keep busy with, the students of FBTA have been doing just that. Some students have been taking advantage of the nice weather.  

“I have been playing outside with my family more,” said Twila S, sophomore.

Other students have been using this free time to pick up new hobbies. 

“I’ve been picking up on playing the piano and watching a ton of Disney movies!” said Amy F, sophomore. 

With all this free time it’s hard not to read and binge watch tv shows all day.  

“I’ve been reading this amazing book and watching Netflix series,” said Shakti C, sophomore. 

Lastly, some students have been getting to know friends better, through text and FaceTime, forming better relationships with family and developing a closer bond with God. 

“I have been spending more time getting to know people over text who I care about and may not have had this opportunity to talk to if all this had not of happened,” said Allie B, freshman. “I’m also growing closer to God and my family.”