Let them eat cake!
Senior Spring Banquet rescheduled for July

– by Alexandra, freshman –

The senior teen banquet was canceled in the midst of the Covid-19 statewide shutdown and stay-at-home orders which began in March. However, this Friday, May 29, northern Virginia will have a Phase 1 Reopening, and Phase 2 is just around the corner. By July northern Virginia should be in a Phase 3 re-opening, making it possible to have the senior spring banquet in summer.

“We hope to make the banquet a special event to celebrate the class of 2020, despite the disappointments associated with Covid-19,” said Bro. Spatz, youth pastor. 

The plan is to have the banquet on a Friday evening in July, with the date still to be determined, depending on where Virginia is at that time in the re-opening process.

“We have discussed having the banquet on church property since things are still up in the air as far as a restaurant venue and the state of Virginia’s social distancing guidelines,” said Mrs. Spatz, who has been helping plan the logistics of the senior teen banquet.

Traditionally, the senior banquet is only for seniors, juniors, and sophomores. At the time the banquet is held, current freshmen will be sophomores. 

“As rising sophomores, we should be allowed to attend, regardless of an invitation from an upperclassman,” said Jianna, hopefully. “Besides, our freshmen year has suffered enough—this is one small thing that could be done to lessen the suffering.”

“The banquet is for current 10-12th graders,” said Bro. Spatz, casting doubt on whether rising sophomores will be able to attend.

One thing is certain: a rescheduling is superior to a cancellation, whomever attends; and wherever the senior summer banquet is held, students will be happy to regain one event that they thought was lost. Seniors particularly, who have lost both senior trips, and all other students, who have spent the last quarter of the year online and separated from their classmates, would love an event like this to be together and celebrate the end of the academic year or high school. Let them eat cake!