Let it snow!
Students get early (and late) snow days this season

– by Liza F, junior –

Snow days! Everyone loves them. From shopping sprees to sleeping in, the students of FBTA were ready for the day off.  On Nov. 17, FBTA had its first snow day of the year.  

“I loved having the snow day off! It was great to finally be able to sleep in for once!” said Haston H, junior.  

“I spent my snow day with my family and watching soccer,” said John F, junior. 

“I wanted to go outside and play in the snow, but I got distracted and stayed in instead,” said Connor D, senior.  

There was about two inches of snowfall. While some had fun relaxing and sleeping in, others were working hard and making important decisions for our school. The music department had to make the decision to cancel the first day of band festival and skip the overnight stay. They drove safely the following morning. 

“I was surprised to see the snow early in the morning, so we had to make a quick decision,” said Mr. Bradford, school administrator. 

 The school didn’t suffer a lot of delays or problems from the extra day off. 

‘’We had to push a few things for the Thanksgiving feast off, but other than that, we worked together and it turned out well,” added Mr. Bradford, school administrator. 

On Jan. 30, we had another snow day and two-hour delay the next day. There was one last snow and ice storm on Wednesday, February 20, where both school and church were canceled for the day. 

Snow days are always fun and exciting. Who doesn’t like an extra day off ? Let’s hope and pray for many more this year!