Just a snow day? or God’s divine sovereignty
Snow days of 2019

– by Jayden L, sophomore –

Winter break ended on Jan. 3, and it was time to for the students of FBTA to get back to the grind. 

Mid-term exams were scheduled to begin on Jan. 15, which meant that students had a week or so to prepare and cram all the information they had learned since August into just a couple of days. This may not have been a big deal for most, but since the second quarter ended on Jan. 18, this meant that students would have to do well on their exams in order to keep their current grade or bump their grade up higher.

“I am so stressed out right now,” said Ashley T, sophomore. “I am trying to get on the A honor roll, but it’s very hard.” 

On top of all the pressure of exams and getting good grades, the study body had to prepare for home basketball games against Heritage, which happened to be the day before exams were scheduled to begin. Many students on the basketball teams thought this busy schedule was too stressful. With the personal pressure of achieving good grades on their exams and the public pressure of playing well in their game against Heritage, the students worried that they would focus too much on winning the game and not doing well on their exams or vice versa.

“We really wanted  to do our best in this game against Heritage, especially because it’s a home game,” said Daniel P, junior.

“It’s my senior year and I really want to win this game so badly, but it’s my senior year, and I also need to study and do well on my exams,” said Stephanie M, senior. “UGGGGH this is too much for me!”

Just as many began to panic, an earth shattering weather alert came through: there was a possibility of SNOW!! The snow was scheduled for Sunday night, but there wasn’t a clear gauge of how much snow was supposed to hit the Fairfax area. If the snow was a significant amount, then the game would get canceled and exams would be pushed back a day or so with an extra day to study. Through the next morning, the students fervently prayed that God would allow for a few inches to stick to at least get a two-hour delay.

“I really want it to snow, but I don’t want to jinx it, so I’m going to shut my mouth and pray silently in my mind,” said Soriya S, sophomore.

God allowed for way more than two inches and a two-hour delay, but a full snow day and a two-hour delay the following day! 

I think we all learned to trust God a little bit more in those few weeks. Often as teenagers and adults, we get stressed about the many responsibilities that we have, but God has never left or forsaken us and will always be there to comfort and guide us in our time of need whatever it may be. 

Big or small there is nothing that our God cannot do.