It’s SNAC time
Sunday night after church teen time

– by Haston H, junior –

SNAC stands for Sunday Night After Church activity. 

On Sunday, Jan. 6, the teens of FBT enjoyed a new snack night after church. This is just one of the many positive things that Pastor Kyle, FBT youth group leader, has added to the former FBTeens, now known as the Catalyst. He chose this name, because we want to create change without compromising. 

Pastor Kyle planned for the teens to bring board games to play while eating the snacks. They had Uncle Julio’s Mexican Restaurant cater the chips, guacamole, and salsa. There was also homemade chili, tater tots, hot dogs, and chips. 

“I loved the food! It was all so yummy and delicious!” said Julie U, senior. 

While the teens were eating, they also played board games. You could hear many teens shouting out as they won or lost intense board games. 

“I loved crushing absolutely everyone in Apples to Apples,” said Hart Z, senior. 

Whether you won or lost, everyone had a great time eating and playing games with their friends. 

“I had so much fun at the SNAC, and I hope there will be another one soon,” said Joshua B, junior. 

After eating as much chips and guacamole as they could, and playing board games with friends, there was a group effort to help the leaders clean up the gym and put everything back the way it was. Teen SNAC night was a smashing success, and many teens are looking forward to the next one.