Improvise, adapt, overcome
Senior trip postponed, but seniors get week off

– by Caleb, junior –

The senior class usually goes on a once-in-a-lifetime senior trip for one week to NY and the Wilds, but due to Covid-19, the trip got postponed. However, this change wasn’t going to make the week a complete bust. Through the power of a Zoom meeting, Mr. Bradford told the senior class that they could take a week off of school from Apr. 27 to May 1.

The seniors were happy since they would be free from the week’s school workload, but going to places and being productive would be a challenge. Impressively, the seniors were able to be productive, and get ahead on important opportunities ahead of them.

“I read a lot and tried to get stuff in order for college,” said Jordan, senior.

In other cases, some of seniors took advantage of the great outdoors and got to stretch their legs.

“I went hiking a bunch,” said Jameson, senior. “I went to Manassas Battlefield and then out to the skyline.” 

With face-to-face interaction options,  the seniors were able to use group calls like FaceTime and Zoom to interact with each other and encourage one to another from far distances.

“We have a weekly Zoom call with all the seniors, [and] I also FaceTime some of them separately and all that” said Andrea, senior.

Like the familiar quote, “When life gets you down, improvise as if crawling was part of the choreography,” in times like these, we can always improvise, be creative, and cherish the opportunities that we have.