How students are holding up
Online learning and new home activities

– by Liza F, senior –

With online learning, the scheduling pressures are different than your traditional school day. Students don’t need to worry about making it to class by a bell or a specific time. Schedules are more flexible, giving students the chance to work at their own pace. 

While some students have noticed more flexible time with online learning, many students have felt an increased workload. A reason for that could be the lack of having a stable schedule where you have a more organized, concentrated working time. Also, the learning curve getting software and computers at home to work correctly have been challenging. 

“While there are a few pros to online learning, there are many negatives as well,” said Haston H, senior. “I know personally taking test and quizzes online is much harder than in person. And with the increasing load of homework, some nights seem extremely daunting.”

The students who find their schedule more flexible are finding other activities to do with their time. 

“I’ve been baking a lot of bread and have started to get into calligraphy,’’ said Andrea B, senior.

“I am getting a lot of driving time in, and learning how to grill better,” said Joshua B, senior.

Schooling at home has definitely been a new venture for teachers, students, and even parents. One remarkable thing is how well teachers are keeping in contact with the students.

The FBTA family has definitely come together during these trying times, learning new systems and overcoming difficulties, and we keep praying for God’s help to get through them all!