Go for goal’d
Girls’ soccer season starts and ends with spirit

– by Emma V, junior –

The girls’ soccer season was undefeated this year, with 6 wins and no losses on the horizon. The team had a new coach this year, Mrs. Fernandez, and a new assistant coach, Miss  Wendal. The captain of the team was Amelia S, senior, and co-captain was Julie U, junior. 

“I think this season was a really good season for the team, because so many of the younger girls joined, which helps to prepare them for future years,” said Julie U, junior co-captain. “I also really enjoyed how Coach Fernandez is leading this year’s soccer team to not only improve our soccer skills, but to also improve our life skills.” 

“I have really enjoyed practicing and playing with all the players even though this is the first time most of team has ever played together as a whole,” said Estefania M, junior. “I love soccer and I hope we can keep working hard as a team!”  

“The lady Patriots have led an amazing undefeated season so far,” said Coach Fernandez. “I look forward to every practice and game they play. They show up with energy, excitement and a competitive edge. They win not only because they have talent, but also because they play like a team and count on each other for the win. It’s been rewarding to see them grow as individual players as a unit. Every challenge we have faced together we have overcome … All For Christ!” 

Game stats: Evangel: 7-0; Carrol Christian: 7-6; Frederick, Maryland: 7-2; Carrol Christian: 4-1; CHE: 11-0; Evangel: 9-0.