Florence overstays welcome
Wreaking devastation to disappointment along east coast

– by Kiersten G, sophomore –

After days of anticipation, hurricane Florence made landfall in Wilmington, NC, on Friday, Sept. 14. The hurricane was predicted to be category 5 with devastating rain and wind. 

Many towns were forced to evacuate, and some students of FBTA even had siblings come home from college because of the hurricane. Some local high schools even canceled school as well as  sports games.

“I stayed aware of the weather report, but I didn’t worry too much about it,” said Mr. Bradford, administrator. 

Besides a week of very rainy days and the soccer and volleyball teams being disappointed after the Faith Tournament was canceled due to rain, FBTA itself was not directly affected by the hurricane. 

“It was interesting to hear all the prayer requests about the hurricane, when all we got was rain,” said Jinnea B, sophomore.

“I knew we would probably get some rain, but I wasn’t really worried about it,” commented  Kylen W, freshman. “Almost all the water in some of the grocery stores was gone, so I guess it’s always good to be prepared.” 

As disappointed as some students were to not have gotten any days off school, remember to be praying for the people who were affected by the hurricane!