Finals week
Students finish final exams from home

– by Kiersten, junior –

Students at FBTA endured their final week of online learning on May 18 through May 21, with a week full of final exams, papers, and projects for many students. There were certain exams scheduled for each day, but several teachers opted to have their students write a final paper or do a project as their final exam. 

“Finals week was the probably the hardest week out of the online experience!” said Savannah, junior. “My hardest exam was English. I studied for so long, and in the end it paid off. I’m so glad it’s over!”

Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Briggs chose to have their students write essays for their final grade, rather than taking a traditional exam. Mrs. Page had her physics class make catapults, and the computer coding class had to do a project for their final. Mr. Niggl had his classes take a normal test, but allowed the chemistry class to use their books for help. 

“It was really stressful because we had three papers due, but I’m glad to be done,” said Carson, junior. 

Aside from a research paper for Mr. Brigg’s English class, the senior class was exempt from all finals. This relieved a lot of stress for them and allowed them to relax during their last week of online high school. 

“I only did English and it really took a weight off my shoulders. I’m so glad we didn’t have to take finals and got to finish school early before everyone else,” said Andrea, senior. 

Finals week online was definitely a different experience than most students were used to, but overall the week was successful and students can now relax and enjoy their summer!