Families stay busy during quarantine
New ways to spend time with family

– by Jordan P, senior –

Due to COVID-19, students will be at home for a while and need to find new ways to spend their time. Spending all of their time with family may get boring or even frustrating at times; however, activities such as going on a walk can bring families closer together. 

“My family and I have been taking walks around isolated trails near my house,” said Alyssa R, senior. 

Other families have chosen to have family movie nights. 

“My family watches movies, plays games, goes outside, plays badminton, runs, and other outside activities,” said Andrew C, junior. 

Some families even sing together!

“My family watches movies, sings, goes on walks, and plays games,” said Alexandra L, freshman. 

Besides movie nights, walks, reading, and sing-alongs, families can also learn new hobbies together, such as learning new languages with apps such as Duolingo. If baking is more of a family’s style, there are countless online recipes that can be used to make something delicious. Just remember to follow social distancing rules to ensure that everyone stays happy and healthy!