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Seniors “skip” classes for breakfast at IHOP

– by Andrea B, senior –

On Feb. 4, the senior class went to IHOP with Mr. Bradford to eat breakfast and skip a couple of morning classes. The night before, the seniors had celebrated their annual Senior Night between their home basketball games. 

“I liked how we were all united for a night,” said Lauren M, senior. “Our parents were also reunited in the same room, and we had a great time.” 

A tradition that takes place after Senior night is going out to eat at IHOP the day after. During the breakfast, the senior class remembered the night before and talked about what’s happening in their lives before graduation. They also talked about their upcoming senior trips and where they are planning to go for college. 

“I loved spending time with my class before we graduate,” said Jordan P, senior. “It’s moments like these that I’ll always remember.”