Dribble it, pass it, we want a basket!
FBTA patriots keep Valley tournament tradition

– by Alyssa R, junior –

The varsity girls’ and boys’ basketball teams attended the annual Valley Basketball Tournament on Jan. 18. The tournament was originally supposed to be a two-day, overnight tournament, but because the expected weather was not supposed to be safe to travel on the roads, the tournament ended up being only one day. 

“I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to stay at the hotel this year because of the snow. It was the one and only time that I wished for no snow!” said Connor D, senior.

“I wasn’t expecting the outcome of the games,” said Caleb P, sophomore, “but overall, it was very enjoyable.”

Because the tournament was condensed into one day, the teams had to wait a few hours to play each game. In between games, the coaches and adults decided to take the teams out to eat at a restaurant of their choice: Burger King, Arby’s, or Taco Bell.

“It was a fun experience even though we lost. It was fun going out to eat for dinner in between games,” said Peter V, sophomore.

The boys lost both of their games against Gil Grove and Frederick, and the girls beat Valley in overtime but lost to Frederick in the second game. The girls took 2nd place in the overall tournament.