Cutting the year short
Students open up about online classes

– by Andrea B, senior –

When the governor announced that all schools in the state of Virginia would close for the rest of the year, that not only meant ending the 2020 school year earlier than usual, but also meant canceling many extracurriculars, like girls’ soccer, spring concerts, and the annual ODACS Fine Arts competition. 

“It’s sad that we won’t get to return to school this year,” said Alyssa R, senior. “I wanted to play soccer one last time before I graduated.”

This news seems to be affecting the senior class the most. Not being able to participate in their final ODACS and spring concerts is part of the disappointment, but other very special activities, such as the senior trips to New York and the Wilds are also cancelled. 

“I’m upset that I can’t have a senior trip with my class,” said Jordan P, senior, “but I understand why we are unable to go.” It’s a completely unique situation that the school has never dealt with before. 

On the other hand, online schooling seems to have mixed reactions. Some students say it’s easier than going to school early in the morning, yet others are saying it’s harder since you can’t get questions answered immediately. 

“Online school is more relaxing to me,” said Amy F, sophomore, “but a big downside is not being able to immediately communicate with teachers when I have questions.” 

“Honestly, online school is a blessing and a curse in my opinion,” said Kiersten G, junior. “It’s really great to be able to work at my own pace, and I can usually get my schoolwork done pretty quickly; but it also allows for me to get distracted very easily, and I’ve lost a lot of motivation to work really hard in school.”

“Online school is a little bit harder than I thought,” said Isabella S, sophomore. “It is pretty easy to contact the teachers because they normally answer pretty quickly.

With no longer seeing each other every day, students have to communicate with their classmates or friends to ask any questions about the classes or just to keep in touch. Students have come up with different ways to talk to each other without the face-to-face contact. 

“I am communicating with my classmates and friends using text, phone calls, Instagram DM, FaceTime and Zoom,” said Aly L, freshman.

“My class has a group chat in which almost all of our classmates can talk to each other about homework and school help,” said Caleb P, junior.

“I am keeping in touch with my friends through daily Facetiming, texting, snapping, and Instagram Direct Messaging,” said Haston H, senior. “I also make sure to send funny Tik Toks videos I find as well.” 

Nobody ever planned for a big virus like this to happen. It’s definitely affected all of our lives and changed our schedules right and left. But even in these unpredictable times, we must not forget that God has a plan for us all, and there is a purpose in everything He does.