College testing cancelled
Information for students about SAT/ACT

– by Caleb P, junior –

Everything is cancelled, life has stopped, or that’s what is seems. Due to COVID-19, College Board cancelled the March 14, May 2, and June 6 SAT and SAT Subject Test administration. ACT has also responded to COVID-19 by rescheduling their tests from April 4 to June 13. Students are required to change their schedule, and many are not sure what to expect. 

“Well, it’s a bit annoying because I would’ve liked to get a head start on it, but now I’ll have to wait till the beginning of next year,” said Ethan C, junior.

Since the March, April, and June SATs are cancelled, refunds are available; however, College Board is planning to provide weekend SAT administrations every month through the end of the calendar year, beginning in August.  

“So I was supposed to take my ACT on April 4, but it got cancelled,” said Haston H, senior.  “So ACT gave me the option to either get a refund or take the test on a different day. Unfortunately, the only other day available was June 13 which is the day before my birthday.”

ACT is still planning for a June 13 date, but has stated that if the rescheduled date cannot work out, they will be giving refunds. Test takers are now in full anticipation for the next big news about schedule since SAT and ACT are still trying to figure out the best solution. For some, the longer wait time will become will benefit them. After all, this is an important test to study for. 

“I don’t mind because it will give me more time to study,” said Andrew C, junior.

The long wait time will prove beneficial to some students, but for others, especially seniors, they will need to take the tests as soon as possible to make sure college applications and other important material can be completed.

College board and ACT are still in the process of figuring out how they will execute the best plan if testing this summer is not an option. Parents and students can go to their websites ( and and be updated on what plan of action they will do. As for now, the health and safety of individual students are important, and any solution will be implemented to keep them safe.