College students have returned

– by Peter V, junior –

During this COVID-19 pandemic, colleges have switched to online learning and most have sent their students home. Some students who had campus jobs or were in the graduate programs stayed at college due to the outbreak where they lived or the fact that they didn’t have a job back home to help pay for college. 

“This virus has changed so much at college,” said Caleb D, a freshman at Pensacola Christian College, who opted to stay on campus. “On campus, we now have to sit with one seat between each other in the dining halls in order to stay within six feet of each other, and groups any larger than ten people are strongly advised to disperse down to fewer people. Online classes are new too, and because there was little warning that the entire college learning program would have to be switched to an online format, the setup for each class is slightly different. The biggest change for me is that we don’t meet for church or classes anymore, but do classwork in our dorms or in the library.”

“Students were allowed to stay on campus if they wished,” said Connor D, also a freshman at PCC. “They gave free room and board for those who stayed and worked fifteen hours or more per week. All the changes and precautions have become the new normal for PCC right now. It is strange living in a world full of panic, but life still goes on, and we’re taking it one step at a time.”

“Well, now I am home,” said Emma, freshman at Bob Jones University. “It is nice because I am able to be with my family. But I do miss my friends, and online school is not ideal. But, overall it seems to be not too bad, and I have really enjoyed being home.”