College cruisin’
FBT students visit PCC

– by Zachary, junior –

From Nov. 16-20 several FBT juniors and seniors left for Florida to visit Pensacola Christian College. College Days is an event held by PCC every year in which students can view college classes and learn what is offered. 

Students explored the college campus, visited classes for majors they were interested in, and attended special sessions for certain majors, such as Engineering, Nursing, or Criminal Justice. 

While on campus, students also visited the dining halls, the café, and the sports center. The sports center was open to students at night, where they could bowl, ice skate, rock climb, play volleyball and nine-square, or even go to the water park. 

“I would have to say my favorite class I visited was the Biblical studies class,” said Casey, senior. “By going, I got a good understanding of the Biblical foundation of the school.”

“My favorite class I went to was the acting class,” said Carol, junior. “We got to see students act out impromptu scenarios, and it was entertaining.” 

“I learned at that PCC is a very well-run school,” said Casey. “They cater to students by actually giving them the experience they say they will. 

“I figured out the scheduling of the classes and learned that you have to figure out how to manage your time in between classes,” said Carol.

During the trip, Pastor Kyle and Mr. Page, the lead chaperones, also took the group to downtown Pensacola, which was a good time to explore the local scenery, go shopping, and go out to eat with FBTA alumni.

“I was thoroughly impressed with the organization and the abundance of information they provided for the students,” said Pastor Kyle Spatz, youth pastor. “They not only showed the kids the different majors, classes, and academic pursuits, but they also fully laid out a specific plan for the students to pay for college making it a well-rounded experience.”