Code academy:
New computer coding class for students

– by Caleb D, senior –

The return to school after a long summer vacation is different every year. There are new, exciting classes to take and wonderful, new things to learn, but none are quite as novel as the brand new coding class this year. 

In past years, FBTA offered computer applications and robotics via LEGO mindstorms; but the coding class this year utilizes for lessons, and the classroom itself is managed and taught by Mrs. Billman.

“Our computer program has grown, but wasn’t quite where I wanted it to be,” said Mr. Bradford, school administrator. “We’ve had computer applications and started with robotics last year, and it grew to coding this year. We appreciate Mrs. Billman’s training, and so now I have people there to offer more.”

The coding class consists of training for programming such as html, Java, and other various coding languages. Because the class is small, the students taking the coding class were also offered the option of alternating robotics course on certain days of the week.

“I can say it’s really fun,” said David B, junior. “I wasn’t expecting we would actually be able to do robotics and coding, but seeing that we get to do it this year, I’m really happy for that.”

The market for experienced programmers and technicians is ever expanding, and having a coding class in high school gives a great foundation for students aspiring to work in the technical field some day.

“The more we can train kids on the computers, the better,” said Mr. Bradford. “I definitely want [coding] to grow. We do envision that some day, we can be competing in robotics even. We could see that potential. Ultimately, that’s kind of in the back of our minds.”

This class gives students a foundation in an industry that is dominating much of the market. It also allows students try out different skills in high school to see whether they might want to pursue a similar (or different) path in college, potentially saving college money by being more assured of the direction God wants for their lives. 

Now students at FBTA have even more opportunities to hone and strengthen the talents that God has given them, and maybe even someday be used by Him in the digital realm.